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About Tank Jowett solicitors


Tank Jowett Solicitors is a niche high profile criminal defence law firm, based in the heart of the legal district in Central London, specialising in the defence of those facing criminal proceedings. The firm was originally established in 2000.

What sets Tank Jowett Solicitors apart from almost all other criminal law firms, is the sheer volume of very serious criminal cases the lawyers at the firm have dealt with over the last 20 years.


History of Tank Jowett Solicitors

Tank Jowett Solicitors was set up in January 2000 by Baljit Tank and Simon Jowett, who were very shortly afterwards joined by Rajesh Bhamm as an equal partner.

Throughout the 2000s, the firm grew and established a reputation in London and across the country for defending in high profile cases, always through recommendation.

The firm has defended in numerous murder cases, high value frauds, and terrorism cases, to name just a few of the very high profile cases Tank Jowett Solcitors has dealt with. 

At any one time, the firm will be preparing the defence cases for a sizeable number of complex murder cases, frauds and other large scale prosecutions. At least 30 cases come to the firm by way of personal recommendation, in any week. Every single day, several of our lawyers will be in a police station interview.

The reason is this: The lawyers at Tank Jowett have a wealth of experience in criminal law. Clients' cases are taken seriously, meticulously prepared, with a senior lawyer in overall supervision, with one goal in mind: to give the client the representation he or she is entitled to. As a result, our name has spread, and almost all of our work is from recommendations and referrals. 

As Baljit Tank, one of the founding partners of the firm says: "You have to remember that any person arrested can have the entire weight of the criminal justice system against them - the state has access to countless police officers, prosecutors, magistrates, Judges, prison officers and so on........but they get one lawyer on their side. The responsibility on that lawyer's shoulders is enormous."